Business Details:

Ours is a Commodities and Grains Industry where we are majorly into rice exports for more than 10 years. The business is also backed up by a rice Sortex plant where in house sorting and third-party job work is done. We take competitive advantage by employing an in-house material procurement team eliminating intermediaries and time lags. We’ve grown far beyond this initial focal point over the years, with numerous partners in the commodities industry and market presence across the globe. Our ability to operate across the value chain has provided us with a uniquely strong position to control physical flows, manage risk, optimize returns and deliver value with trust! Our approach to business has distinguished us within our industry.

We have a Sortex plant at uppalanka and a city office at Tilak Street, kakinada. We operate via these two set-ups and together they're organized via a set process and data flows in a pre-arranged manner.

Our set-up is complete w r t direct destination sales and the process tested and improved. Hence, this year we plan a huge stock turnover and releasing few more own brands.


Saralafoods is a Privately owned Export-Import House based at kakinada(A.P),India. Incorporated in 2005 and being the first exporter of rice from India we have varied experience in the field of exports . It is founded and managed by Mr.Vinod Agrawal who has over 30 years experience in rice field w r t procurements, processing and supply destinations. We have set up a complex network of business relations of suppliers and buyers and have maintained and developed it to the point of our entity preference over others. Local set-up gives us the advantage of tightly managed carriage and forwarding arrangements and elimination of intermediaries.

Main Areas of Activities of Business:

1. Rice sales domestic and exports
2. Cashew imports
3. Job work with sortex plant
4. Maize sales domestic and exports
5. Pulses and DOC imports.

Export Sales:

1. To International Traders : The cargo is sold to huge MNC companies who in turn
2. Destination Sales: For india , Africa is the main destination for rice exports. sell to destination. Exports to these companies are completed as soon as the vessel is loaded.

International traders also see at this destiantion by having a set up there. In the year 15-16, we launched our own brand and set up two offices at Africa through which we had we had set up a market and sold considerable amounts of cargo. This year after due analysis we have set up our base at 5 countries at Africa and we shall be sending cargo under our name.

Cashew Imports :

Cashew is imported from the African countries and is managed by the same setup that is incorporated for selling of rice cargo. It is done at favourable local prices and brought into India via containers and is sold by means of High sea sales and domestic stock and sale.


1. Non Basmati Long Grain and Short Grain
2. Parboiled and Raw Rice IR 64
3. Parboiled and Raw Rice 1001
4. Parboiled and Raw Rice 1010
5. Parboiled and Raw Rice Swarna
100% Broken and silky sortex of the above varieties.


1. Gold Coin
2. Crown
3. Pearl 
4. Sarala