By January 26, 2019

Behind every successful export enterprise lies a well-optimized logistics framework, and Sarala Foods stands out with its triumph in this crucial aspect of the business.

Self-Chartered Vessels: Adding Control to the Logistics Chain

This section explores how the use of self-chartered vessels gives Sarala Foods an unparalleled level of control in optimizing shipping routes, cargo handling, and delivery schedules. The flexibility gained from this approach becomes a significant advantage in the dynamic world of international trade.

In-House Logistics Expertise: Navigating the Seas with Precision

Examining Sarala Foods’ in-house international logistics and chartering department, this part of the blog delves into how the company closely monitors various factors, including freights, global oil prices, the Baltic Index, and ship movements along the eastern coast of India.

Strategic Presence: Streamlining Logistics Movements Effectively

Highlighting the strategic advantage of being situated along the eastern coast of India, this section showcases how Sarala Foods optimally monitors and streamlines logistics movements, ensuring on-time deliveries and reinforcing its commitment to efficiency.